Are you going on holiday to Nice, Cannes, Monaco, Antibes, Juan les Pins,
or any other city on the Côte d’Azur in the South of France? 

Or maybe you are already here and you want to keep your smiles and sunny landscapes as a keepsake,
you want to walk through the most famous sights in a short time,
or vice versa to find the pearls of the south of France hidden from tourists? 

Then a photo walk through the most beautiful places on the Cote d’Azur,
individually tailored to your preferences, is just for you!

We determine the date, route and ideal time for a photo tour.
Often this is in the morning or in the afternoon when the sun is not very high and it is not very hot outside. 

It’s perfect for family, group of friends, or for the solo traveller. 

If you’re an influencer or blogger and you need a lot of different photos to feed your social media,
a photo tour is perfect for you.

We can walk more or less, we can visit one of the restaurants and taste Mediterranean cuisine,
we can have coffee on the terrace with a stunning view,
we can swim on one or more beautiful sandy or pebbly beaches with azure water
and capture all this in photographs! 

You will get unforgettable impressions, see the Cote d’Azur from new angles, save your emotions and impressions in photographs that will remain with you for many years and will remind you of the journey.

Write to me to create and book your personal photo tour

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