URGENTLY LOOKING FOR PREGNANT WOMEN IN NICE!. MARIA VALUEVA Photographer in Nice, Cannes, Monaco, France, Europe


If you are not pregnant, send this post to your pregnant friend, she will thank you.

 HI! I am Maria Valueva, a professional photographer. 

I am looking for models to expand my portfolio in the direction of studio photography of pregnant women. Photo shooting will take place from September to October in Nice. 

During the process, we take a photo for you, similar to the one in the reference (photo of my teacher) in the photo. 

 Who I’m looking for:

✔️pregnant women at 26-33 weeks;

 ✔️don’t be shy about cameras; 

✔️hair length to shoulders or longer, without bangs ⠀ 

Important terms: 

🖤 Before taking photographs, we must sign a consent for the publication and use of 

the photos and videos with your image by me 

🖤 Photo shooting is FREE, the model only pays overhead costs — the work of a makeup artist and hairdresser 

  🖤   Professional makeup and hairstyle are required. If necessary,
I can share contacts of a makeup artist and hairdresser.

🖤 Photos will be ready within 2 months (5 photos are retouched, the rest are color corrected) 

🖤You agree to be filmed in underwear. 

 If you are ready and agree for me to use your photos, write an e-mail to mariavalueva.com@gmail.com 

1. Your name
2. Gestation period
3. Phone number
4. Photo portrait of a face (selfie, without filters or sunglasses)
5. Full-length photo from the front and side in lingerie or tight-fitting clothes
(you can use your phone in the mirror)


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